On September 5, 2014

Michael Froelich


Julie Jarrett

to marry him. She said yes.

How it happened

Meet the Wedding Party


Eric Nollet

This friendship started with a solid foundation- bikes and hockey. They've since traded in their bicycles for motorcycles, and grown some grizzly man beards.

Ryan Kenton

Ryan and Mike met in school where the two lived on the same floor of their dorm and studied intensely... the effects of Natty Ice on the human body. And the rest is history.

Drew Pennisi

Mike and Drew have known eachother a short time, but this bromance has quickly blossomed over beards, motorcycles, beer, and hockey.

Drew Bishop

Friends since childhood, these two grew up together in Franklinville, NJ where they rocketed potatoes out of PVC pipe and smoked many, many fine cigars.


Amy Jarrett

Julie has known Amy since the day she was born, which is pretty great when you think about it- she had a best friend there and waiting for her from day one!

Priyam Sharma

Housemates , classmates, doggie parents, coworkers, world travelers, - you name it. The ultimate partners in crime. For the record, it's pronounced
Pre + Yum

Julie Wongbandue

Julie and Julie met at Rutgers where they shared painting studios across from eachother. Julie W has become Julie J's most trusted style icon and shopping advisor. And they have the same name!

Lauren Rivera

As roommates in Philadelphia they worked together, got into mud fights in the rain, swam in fountains, ate mucho KFC, and became besties. Not a lot has changed.

Event Details

"But when will it be?!" you ask.
Don't worry! We have a date.

June 25, 2016

"And Where?!"
In Sunny Philadelphia, our favorite city, of course!


Blocks of rooms have been reserved at two Hotels in Philadelphia.
Use the links below to access our block room discount, or call in for the Jarrett/Froelich Wedding Block.

All photos taken by the lovely


We've registered with Zola. We have selected gift options, and secure cash contributions are avaialable as well via the Zola link below. You can even use it to contribute to our honeymoon fund!

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